Professional Advisors

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, the Warren County Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(C) 3 community foundation.  Community foundations are great partners for estate, tax and financial advisors in the arena of charitable giving.

Our Purpose

To enhance the quality of life in ourWarrenCountycommunities and beyond by fostering and facilitating charitable giving.  We help donors support the charitable causes they choose through personalized charitable funds that are flexible, convenient and tax-efficient.  We partner with financial advisors to help them determine the most appropriate charitable giving vehicles for their clients 

What You Can Expect from Partnering with the Warren County Foundation

♦        Personalized Service—with a focus on helping you help your clients in supporting the causes they care about most

♦        Collaboration—to help you maximize the benefits of your clients’ charitable giving

♦        Flexibility—in choosing the type of fund that best meets your clients’ charitable giving goals          

♦        Professional Management—of your clients’ charitable funds

♦        Accountability—through (1) an independent annual audit; (2) a full accounting of financial activities in our annual report and other public documents; and, (3) regular oversight by community leaders