Our Services

The Warren County Foundation is a true partner in charitable giving.  We can assist you in establishing a charitable fund – and in managing your charitable dollars to achieve maximum positive impact. 

Types of Funds

Your Charitable Checking Account acts like your personal checking account.  You receive your tax deduction when you deposit assets with the Foundation.  Then you direct us to send contributions from your account to any charitable or other tax-exempt organization you choose, when you choose. 

Having a Donor Advised Fund is like having your own private foundation, but without administrative complications or expense.  It is intended for donors who wish to see their charitable dollars grow and provide benefits into the future.  You recommend grants to charitable organizations you wish to support, or if you choose, the Foundations can advise you of grant-making opportunities. 

With a Designated Endowment Fund you may designate specific non-profit organizations to receive your gifts now and into the future.  If your designated organization ceases to exist, we will help choose a similar organization that can best carry out your original intent. 

A Scholarship Endowment Fund enables you to support high school graduates who are going to college or vocational schools, or non-traditional students who are preparing to return to the workforce.  Donors work with Foundation staff to establish the selection criteria and process. 

With a Field of Interest Endowment Fund you can support a particular area of interest, such as children’s services, services for the elderly or historic preservation.  In this program, the Foundation makes grants from your fund to meet current needs in your area of interest. 

Non-Profit Organization Funds – The Foundation can assist organizations in establishing an endowment fund to support the organization long term.  The Foundation also manages existing organization funds – providing professional oversight and management, often with a savings in administrative costs and time for the organization.